Police move to house searches on Wacker

Police move to house searches on Wacker

FC Wacker Innsbruck GmbH, which is bankrupt – the club now plays in the Tyrolean football league – is apparently a criminal justice case: on Thursday, house searches were carried out in eight different locations to protect documents and data media, a The public prosecutor’s spokesman confirmed Innsbruck to APA a report from the online edition of the “Tiroler Tageszeitung”.

The prosecution is now conducting an investigation on suspicion of negligent compromise of creditors’ interests and fraudulent Krida, he said. The State Criminal Police Department was tasked with investigating. According to the report, there were searches not only of the club’s premises on Thursday, but also of those responsible previously.

Supposedly also research on Hörtnagl and Stocker

Said to be former chairman Kevin Radi, former team manager and player Alfred Hörtnagl, former board member Thomas Kerle and former chairman Joachim Jamnig and Gerhard Stocker. Public prosecutor Hansjörg Mayr’s spokesperson declined to confirm the names to the APA, but they are investigating against several “officials and officials”.

The initial suspicion stemmed from the insolvency administrator’s initial findings, “according to which no proper business books have been kept recently and the financial management of the GmbH, on the one hand, and the FC Wacker Innsbruck club, on the other, has not always been separated, “The judiciary justified its action. The investigations are still in the early stages. First, protected documents and data carriers must be evaluated.

At the end of July it became known that FC Wacker Innsbruck GmbH had outstanding liabilities of between 3.5 and 4.0 million euros. 120 creditors registered claims of around 16.5 million euros, of which the insolvency administrator recognized around 2.5 million euros.

There is no more professional football in Innsbruck. The club was forced to relegation and now plays in the Tyrolean league. Former ÖVP general secretary Hannes Rauch replaced Radi as president.

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