Police officer saves man from icy water with the help

Police officer saves man from icy water with the help of his dog

A police officer showed impressive alertness Thursday when he enlisted a man's dog caught in the frigid waters of a Michigan lake to help rescue the victim.

Michigan State Police said one of its officers, Kammeron Bennetts, was called to rescue a 65-year-old man who was walking his dog on Arbutus Lake in East Bay Township when the ice gave way beneath his feet.

The police officer's intervention was filmed with his body camera and partially broadcast by the police.

Upon arrival, the officer moved forward on the ice and unsuccessfully attempted to throw a rescue disc attached to a cable at the man in distress. That's when Mr. Bennetts had the perfect idea to save the victim.

“Send me your dog!” Is she coming to me?” we hear him shouting to the desperate man, who replies that his dog’s name is Ruby. “Ruby, come here,” calls the police officer as the animal is seen leaving its master and sprinting towards the police officer.

The agent then attaches the rescue disk to Ruby before returning her to her master, who was able to retrieve her. The police officer, supported by a firefighter, managed to pull the man onto the ice and ultimately save him.

The man spent about 16 minutes in the freezing water before he was rescued. He was taken to hospital but released the same day.