Poor Creatures Film with a kind of female version

“Poor Creatures : Film with a kind of female version of Frankenstein premieres in Brazil G1

“Poor Creatures”: Film as a female version of Frankenstein premieres in Brazil

A girl with a childlike attitude, almost always wild and with an insatiable appetite to know the world without moral judgment. This is the main character of the Movie “Poor Creatures”a kind of female version of the classic Frankenstein and that already arrived in Brazil critically acclaimed.

Bella, the main character's name, is not like the other creatures in the film. “Poor Creatures” is an unusual production with a strange aesthetic: different angles and a detuned track.

This special language can be observed even more closely by the public “Fisheye” lenses, used in the production of the work. In a story about excessive leadership, the feeling of disorientation arises.

Bella comes to life after being electrified. When she wakes up, every day Search for the only meaning in life: to discover yourself.

The character played by Emma Stone shows no trace of inhibitions. In an interview with Fantástico, the actress, winner of more than 30 awards and an Oscar, said that for her it is different because the inner critic is alive.

“For me, acting is a bit like shock therapy against the voice that drags you down. I had panic attacks as a child and acting helped me because you're forced to be present you can't think about other things on stage.” (…) My character is so openminded and shameless that I somehow got into that state of mind was forced,” said the actress.

No social norm can withstand so much spontaneity. Bella is not modest and not at home: she ran away with the person who made what she calls “frenzied jumps” for the first time. But he never accepted the position of inferiority.

When she experiences the world, she says out loud what someone is thinking, but no one says it.

Bella doesn't close her legs, her body says what it wants too. Even the vain womanizer who wanted a docile doll submits. Actor Mark Ruffalo explained that the scenes were the result of unusual preparation like the film.

“We rehearsed for three weeks without worrying about the script. There were theater games where we sang, hugged and held each other so that the person wouldn't fall,” said the actor who plays the character Dunca Wedder.

1 of 1 “Pobres Criaturas celebrates its premiere in Brazil Photo: TV Globo/ Reproduction “Pobres Criaturas celebrates its premiere in Brazil Photo: TV Globo/ Reproduction

“It was very relaxed and that created a camaraderie (…) this intimacy that the actors built appears in the story in some way. Ultimately, the film is about liberation. To have the opportunity to reconsider what we give as right and to find the right way of our own,” added Willem Dafoe.

In the film, Bella finds a path that leads through colorful places. The costumes and scenography link the past with the present 19th century of the future.

“Poor creatures” won two Golden Globes, a Golden Lion and received 11 Oscar nominations. It's a film that everyone can immerse themselves in. But the more attentive viewer gets involved in philosophical discussions he has the chance to unlearn what Bella learns.

The story is about a monster that humanizes itself or the fight against a dehumanizing society. Experimentation is actually the beauty of experimentation life can be impressive.

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