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Pope calls for more efforts to protect climate news

In the face of recent heat waves and floods, Pope Francis urged politicians in all countries to take more measures to protect the climate. “This is an urgent challenge that cannot be postponed. It affects everyone. Let’s protect our common home!” said the head of the Catholic Church after the traditional Angelus prayer in front of around 20,000 faithful today in St. Peter’s Square in Rome.

Francis specifically mentioned the recent floods in South Korea. At the same time, the Pope recalled the fate of thousands of refugees who had been trapped for weeks in the desert areas of North Africa. The rescue of 200 desert refugees on the Tunisian-Libyan border recently caused an uproar. People were left without food by the Tunisian military.

European and African governments must take care of these people, according to Pope Francis. “The Mediterranean must no longer be a scene of death and inhumanity,” said the Argentine.