Pope calls for peace in Myanmar Palestine and Ukraine Vatican

Pope calls for peace in Myanmar, Palestine and Ukraine Vatican News English

Pope Francis appealed to the parties to the conflict in Myanmar to seek paths to peace. The goal of reconciliation can be achieved with dialogue and understanding, said the church leader at this Sunday's Angelus.

“And the same can happen in the Middle East, in Palestine and in Israel and wherever there is fighting: people must be respected!”, said Francis. “I always think with all my heart of all the victims, especially civilians, that the war in Ukraine has caused. Please let your cry for peace be heard: the cry of people who are tired of violence and want war, which is a catastrophe for people and a defeat for humanity, to stop!”

The Pope was relieved at the release of the nuns and others kidnapped in Haiti. “I call for the release of all those still kidnapped and for an end to violence so that everyone can make their contribution to the peaceful development of the country,” said the Pope. It is clear that Haiti also needs more support from the international community.

During the Angelus prayer, which the Pope recites from the window of the – otherwise deserted – Pope's apartment in the Apostolic Palace, above St. Peter's Square, Francis was visited this Sunday by two children from Catholic Action Italy. A girl read a long message about the children's desire for peace, which led to a thank you to Pope Francis for his constant appeals. The Pope returned the favor with praise: “They are good, the children of Catholic Action!”

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