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Pouty Dog Waits Over 400 Days For A Home

Siri's facial expression makes her look like she's always sulking

Wake County Reproduction/SPCA

Siri’s facial expression makes her look like she’s always sulking

Siri is 3 years old and has spent more than 400 days in a shelter waiting for a new family. Since her first day at a SPCA shelter in December 2021, the dog has shown all of her personality, especially for her “sinister” expression.

Samantha Ranlet, a communications specialist with SPCA in Wake County, North Carolina, says Siri is a sweet girl and was moved to her sister home after being abandoned by her previous family.

“She was committed after living outside her entire life,” Samantha said. “She had a canine friend who lived outside with her, but eventually they started fighting over food.”

The fighting disrupted living together and Siri’s owners left her at the shelter hoping she would be relocated. The staff fell in love with him immediately, but didn’t have the space or resources to keep him for long. That’s when the SPCA stepped in.

“We are removing pets from our sister homes to give them more time to find a home,” Samantha said. “In the case of Siri, that turned out to be very important. She needed that extra time.”

Finding a new home for Siri turned out to be more complicated than expected. In over 13 months, she only had 11 people interested in adopting her, but they all backed out. For shelter staff, Siri’s past experiences with other dogs could get in the way.

“Although she has had dog friends, her bad experience seems to have spoiled her feelings towards other dogs,” he said. “We’ve tried introducing her to a few, but she usually starts barking and growling. She really doesn’t want to be friends anymore.”

Therefore, the SPCA team is looking for families who can meet this need. “We’re trying to find a home for them that can accommodate a dog that doesn’t want to be around other dogs,” Samantha said. “The one who doesn’t have another dog at home.”

Despite her problem with dogs, she gets along very well with people. “She is very calm and doesn’t have much energy. She’s just an adorable little girl who loves to cuddle, chew her toys and eat some snacks. She finds joy in the simple things in life,” Samantha said.

And the face that makes her look like she’s sulking all the time wins the hearts of all caregivers. “Your frown has superpowers. It’s really hard to look into her big, scowling eyes and not give her everything she wants.”

Siri was placed in foster care for a time and adjusted quickly. “We see the side of her that feels safe and secure,” Samantha said. “The side of her that comes out when she’s in a safe and comfortable home.”

The bond she has formed with her foster parents shows that Siri has a lot of love to give and is willing to share it with someone special. Everyone at the shelter is very fond of her and hope she finds a home she deserves soon.

Even if it doesn’t happen, they’ll enjoy every minute with the pup. “She has power over all of us,” Samantha said. “We love her very much.”

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