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PQ and QS: It’s time to sit down now

The President of the National Assembly decides, the PQ and Solidarity MPs cannot sit if they are King Charles III. do not swear allegiance. Fourteen MPs therefore find themselves at the gates of a legislative assembly that does not allow them to take part in parliamentary procedures.

What to do ?

The debate over the oath and allegiance to the new King of England was masterfully conducted by Paul St-Pierre Plamondon. In his struggle for the “reform” of the oath, he managed to arouse the sympathy of a large part of the population, far more than that of his constituents.

However, it is clear that the debate is exhausted and the 14 MEPs are at an impasse. Is the fight to change the oath more important than pushing concrete and real issues affecting the population at a time of great debates about health, education, culture, finance, etc ?

I respect and deeply understand the position of PQ and QS and to a certain extent I share it. However, the game is not worth the candle. Neither René Lévesque, nor Jacques Parizeau, nor Lucien Bouchard, nor Bernard Landry, nor Pauline Marois are traitors to the nation of Quebec.

pinch your nose

The point is that the 14 MPs should move on. Let them hold their noses, cross their fingers, and fulfill their oath to “change eras” or “take real responsibility” in Quebec. That at the beginning of the legislature they will introduce a bill to change the swearing-in procedure in cooperation with the other parties.

The people want to see Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, Pascal Bérubé, Joël Arseneau, Manon Massé, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, Christine Labrie and the other MEPs in the Blue Room. To remain in the forecourt of the meeting after asking for the people’s confidence would be the real disappointment.

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