Pregnant Virginia Fonseca names her third baby Its a tribute

Pregnant Virgínia Fonseca names her third baby: “It’s a tribute

Pregnant Virgínia Fonseca names her third baby: “It’s a tribute”.

Pregnant Virgínia Fonseca names her third baby: “It’s a tribute”.

Photo: Reproduction, Instagram / Purepeople

Virgínia Fonseca surprised the public when she announced this Wednesday (17) that she is pregnant for the third time. Mother of little Maria Flor and Maria Alice, the influencer recently accused of plagiarism by Antonia Fontenelle, said she had already chosen possible names for the new baby.

The topic came up in an interview with journalist Leo Dias when the mother revealed that she felt it was her first pregnancy. “Is it because he’s a boy?” asked the journalist. “That’s what they said too, I don’t know, but I think there’s another Maria coming,” replied the influencer.

If it is a girl, Virgínia confirms that a third Maria will come, but she did not want to give up the addition. “Surprise,” she said. Now if it is a boy, the name will be José Leonardo, a tribute to his father Zé Felipe and his grandfather, the singer Leonardo.

“It's a tribute to Leo and Zé also said if it were a boy he would want it to be named after him. So I think it will be a very special name,” says Virgínia.

The influencer also joked about what it would be like for her potential child to live with his older sisters. “I'm a little sorry. Because Maria Alice and Maria Flor are rockets. You have no idea, you can't control her. And when a quiet boy like Zé Felipe comes along, he's broken. You will ride him,” he told her.


Given Virgínia's pregnancy, the influencer's fans were concerned with the question: what will be the fate of the show that she will have on SB …

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