5 to 3 loss a game in two legs for

Primeau sent the showers, the Rocket arcs

Friday night didn’t exactly go according to plan for Cayden Primeau, who lost his cage in the Laval Rocket’s 8-4 loss to Rochester Americans at Blue Cross Arena.

After beating Belleville Senators 7-2 in their last game, Jean-François Houle’s side fell victim to another goal avalanche.

Primeau, who brought down Jeremy Davies, Lukas Rousek, Michael Mersch and Ethan Prow in just 17 shots, was knocked out in favor of Kevin Poulin.

His successor, who allowed four goals in 10 small attempts, was hardly more effective.

Still, solid performances over the past few weeks had allowed Primeau to push its efficiency rate above the .900 mark. However, the Montreal Canadiens’ seventh-round pick faced some difficulties in front of the American’s punching power.

Despite strong opposition, the Buffalo Sabers farm club never let the Rocket score back-to-back goals. Promising Jiri Kulich scored a brace to put the game out of reach for the visitors. Mersch with his second goal and Linus Weissbach completed the goal.

In the first half of the game, Quebecers Gabriel Bourque and Brandon Gignac kept their team in the game with a pinprick.

Lucas Condotta, in numerical inferiority, then Joël Teasdale, in massive offensive, put their mustard in the duel.

The Rocket will travel to Toronto on Saturday where they will meet the Marlies.