Princes Harry and Andrew are forbidden from marrying King Charles

Princes Harry and Andrew are forbidden from marrying King Charles III. to be replaced in the event of incapacity to hold office; Find out why Brasil Notícias

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The British leader will be hospitalized next week with an enlarged prostate

Princes Andrew and Harry, who have stepped down from their duties as members of the British royal family, will not be able to take on the role of state advisers to support King Charles III if they are unable to do so. to replace. The veto was introduced by the Crown in 2022 and revealed by The Times this Friday, at a time when the British monarch and his daughterinlaw Kate Middleton are facing health problems.

The departure of the two and of Prince William, who has supported his wife raised doubts in public opinion about who could replace them in carrying out royal duties.

King Charles III will be hospitalized next week for a “benign” prostate problem while Kate Middleton recovers from “abdominal surgery.” The Princess of Wales will remain in hospital for two weeks and will not resume her royal schedule until Easter at the earliest.

According to the laws of the British monarchy, a councilor of state is a member of the royal family to whom the ruler can delegate some of his tasks in the event of illness or when traveling abroad.

Kate Middleton and King Charles III  Photo: Getty ImagesKate Middleton and King Charles III Photo: Getty Images

The five advisers would be Queen Camilla and the first four members of the royal family over the age of 21, in order of succession to the throne: the king's two sons, William and Harry, as well as Prince Andrew and his eldest daughter Beatrice.

“Buckingham Palace has quietly taken steps to prevent Princes Andrew and Harry from serving as royal deputies. The former stepped down from his royal duties in November 2019, while the latter left his royal role in 2020 to move to the United States,” the Times said. “Both remain councilors of state, but the king took discreet measures to marginalize them in a decision shortly after ascending the throne,” the newspaper adds.

Harry and his wife Meghan Markle decided to leave the royal family in 2020 and settle in the United States. In turn, Prince Andrew also stepped down from his royal duties due to his ties to the late American businessman Jeffrey Epstein, who was at the center of a scandal involving the sexual exploitation of minors.

According to a law passed by the British Parliament in November 2022, “only active members” can serve as state councilors, with nonactive members retaining this title.

In this law, passed at the end of 2022, Charles III decided to transfer the role of Council of State to his two other brothers, Princess Anne and Prince Edward.

In any case, Buckingham Palace has announced that the king will not have to summon his state advisers next week when he undergoes prostate treatment.