Pro government coalition seeks unity ahead of Argentina elections

Argentina’s ruling political coalition, the Frente de Todos (FdT), issued a statement Thursday after holding a meeting of its political table to set electoral strategies for this year’s elections.


Frente de Todos will discuss strategies for Argentina’s elections

The document states: “In 2023, two country models will face each other. The Argentina of a common, democratic and egalitarian progress; and the anachronism of a right that sees the country as a business platform for the few.”

“Those of us who form this table have a responsibility to take the necessary measures to prevent the ostracism of Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, whose leadership and voting powers cannot be taken away from us,” the statement said.

For its part, the political front pointed out that “there is not and should not be any economic, media or judicial power capable of deciding the will of the people”, while stressing the importance of unity in this context.

In this sense, the declaration expresses that “to avoid a return of the right, a fundamental part of the front’s strategy is to strengthen unity in diversity. Articulate all the different perspectives of the Frente de Todos and also of those who want to join this project”.

Similarly, the coalition reiterated that a priority for the political project is to keep working to reduce inflation, increase the purchasing power of salaries and consolidate public policies that are “necessary for our people to live better can”.

Likewise, the ruling party stressed that these four years of government were marked by external circumstances such as the pandemic and the war, “which aggravated the situation of a devastated economy and exposed to wild indebtedness by the Macri government”.

Accordingly, the front stressed the need to “work towards a stage that will allow the Argentine people to regain hope. Today, more than ever, we must stand by all Argentines and Argentines who face difficulties.”

Finally, the declaration culminates in the fact that the Frente de Todos “unitedly reaffirms its pride in the struggles and achievements of the past; Your commitment to this complex present; and his indomitable will to build a free, just and sovereign fatherland”.