Prodigal son of King Charles III unveils letter to Queen

“Prodigal” son of King Charles III. unveils letter to Queen Elizabeth II and DNA request

Simon DoranteDay, 56, claims to be the monarch’s heir and says he just wants his father to recognize him: ‘You owe me the truth’

Reproduction/site/7news/Supplied and Daniel LEAL / AFPprodigal son of Charles III
Simon Dorante claims the son of King Charles III

Simon DoranteDay, 56, lives in Queensland AustraliaHe claims to be the son of King Charles III after years of research into its origin. This week he shared with the Australian portal 7 messages a letter to the Queen Elizabeth the second, in which he asked the monarch to convince her firstborn to undergo a DNA test to confirm paternity. He never got an answer. “When she died, I was disappointed that she never replied to my message. I was sad because that window has closed,” he told the Australian portal. “I feel released. Charles got what he wanted: got the lathe, his wife, everything. I don’t even understand the truth about my mother,” he added. “Now it’s time for me to have my happy ending,” he concluded. For Elvianna, DoranteDay’s wife, the lack of an answer is because that “the Queen did not know what to say to him, because she knew what they were doing”.

DoranteDay, who is a father of nine, said he would keep trying to get Charles III’s attention. “There was a discussion between a judge and myself and his lawyer about the legal status of Charles III. and whether the monarch is protected by law or beyond,” he said, adding that he was told there was no reason to be. “A lot of people were worried that if he became monarch it would hurt my case, but legally it won’t make any difference,” explains DoranteDay, who says he will return to family court. “The judge told me that if I had evidence stamped, there was no reason to deny an application for a DNA test,” he tells the portal, adding that he will not reverse his decision until he has one have answer. “You owe me the truth about what happened and that is the deciding factor. That was always what I wanted.”

Referring to the King’s recent moves, such as the appointment of William as Prince of Wales, he said he felt he had been “kicked in the face”. “He gives William a title like, ‘Come on, where’s my answer and my DNA test? If you’re not my father, prove it,” he explains. Though many say his interest in being part of the royal family is to enjoy the fortune, DoranteDay assures he has nothing to do with it. “Obviously there’s an element in me that says, ‘Yes, I’d like to be Prince of Wales, but there’s an element in me that doesn’t like that either,'” he says.