Presentan en Ecuador pruebas de peculado para juicio contra lasso

Progress in Lasso’s impeachment trial, Focus Week in Ecuador

Quito, 13 May (Prensa Latina) Progress in the impeachment process against Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso has drawn the attention of the press and citizens this week, which is ending here today.

The countdown to the trial of Lasso, who is accused of the crime of embezzlement, began this Friday when MP Viviana Veloz announced that the Andean President will be put on trial next Tuesday, May 16th.

Veloz confirmed the call will be circulated this Sunday, May 14, in the plenary session of the legislature, the day the assembly meets to change its powers.

Prior to the announcement by the legislature to start the trial of the head of state, the secretary-general of the National Assembly (Parliament) Álvaro Salazar Lasso delivered a resolution of the plenary session of the Legislative Assembly, in which the impeachment proceedings against him The request will be approved along with the full file of the proceedings and sent in the same way to the 137 Assembly members for consideration prior to voting.

According to the agenda scheduled for next Tuesday, Parliament Speaker Virgilio Saquicela will ask the four MPs requesting the trial to choose two interpellants who will have two hours to present the evidence presented during the trial.

The Ecuadorian ruler will then present his defense arguments in three hours.

After the intervention, Lasso will withdraw from the plenary session and begin the debate, which could last for several days, as the 137 members of the assembly can speak for 10 minutes each, as scheduled.

Once the discussion is complete, the plenary session will be convened in five more days to decide whether to unseat Lasso based on the prosecution and the defense evidence, which requires 92 votes. If there is no motion of no confidence, the dismissal is archived.