Promising young surfer died aged 15 after being attacked by

Promising young surfer died aged 15 after being attacked by a 4 meter shark

Promising young surfer died aged 15 after being attacked by

On December 29th, the young promise Khai Cowley died after being attacked by a more than four-meter-long great white shark while surfing with his father Ethel Beach, in southern Australia, about 160 kilometers west of Adelaide, at the tip of the Yorke Peninsula. According to local media such as 9News TV station, the 15-year-old was attacked by the shark on one of his legs, which resulted in his death due to the severity of the injuries.

After the attack, his father and a surfer who was at the scene successfully tried to help the minor. The child's death is the third death in eight months in South Australia following a shark attack. Australian news program 7News spoke to the surfer who tried to save the teenager.

“I started moving towards the beach and could see the father screaming on the rocks and his son swimming towards him. Then he started walking back to the sea. He was in waist deep water and I just decided to run back.”…up to my chest, grabbed him and I managed to pull him back to shore, back to the people on the beach. It was just a matter of… I didn't want to see his body in the sea, so I did what I could,” he said.

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After the incident was reported, local police and paramedics arrived at the scene and attempted to treat Khai Cowley's injuries, but in the end they were unable to save his life.

Seaview Road Board Riders, one of Australia's oldest clubs, are mourning the death of Khai Cowley

Through a publication on social networks, “Seaview Road Board Riders” regretted what happened to the young athlete who, at his young age, had already achieved a certain recognition in the sport he practiced.

“We write this in disbelief and sadness at the loss of our Khai. We send our love to Kate, Tim and his younger brother Jett. Khai is a third generation roader, with his grandfather Pete Barley leading the way and his uncle Adam guiding him over the years. All three won awards at the Southern Surf Festival in a special moment for their family and for Roaders (…) Khai was one of our best friends and had to represent the club at the Battle of the Boardriders in March. “We will surf this with all our heart and soul for you, Khai,” they wrote.