Prosecutor murdered in Ecuador requested information about 39Fito39s wife at

Prosecutor murdered in Ecuador requested information about 'Fito's wife at Argentina's request Perú

César Suárez sent a copy of the information request to Patricia Bullrich on the same day of his death. Photo: LR/EFE composition

The news of César Suárez's murder was a serious blow to the Ecuadorian Prosecutor's Office And although the arrest of two people allegedly involved in the incident has already been made, new information is being revealed about the prosecutor. The middle Clarion stated that on the same day of his death, Suárez sent a copy of a request for information about Inda Peñarrieta, the wife of Alias ​​'Fito'To Patricia Bullrich.

César Suárez contacted Patricia Bullrich

According to Argentine media, the Ecuadorian public prosecutor's office has made the decision maintained communication with Patricia BullrichMinister of Security Argentina, to whom he sent a copy of a memorandum addressed to the Provincial Prosecutor's Office of Manabí. The document shows a request for a report on the legal situation of Inda PenarrietaWife of alias “Fito”.

Patricia Bullrich maintained communication with César Suárez. Photo: EFE

Although it turned out that this memorandum It spread through social networks on the same day of the murder of Cesar SuarezThe Ecuadorian prosecutor's office has not commented on the matter. However, the person who referred to the request was Jose Serrano, former Ecuadorian interior minister. After the murder, he confirmed the prosecutor's request.

“Prosecutor Suárez has made an urgent request to send him information about tax files or investigations underway against the wife of the pseudonym 'Fito',” Serrano wrote in X. Der Interior Minister of Argentina, Guillermo Francoreported the tragic incident and assured that the public prosecutor's office “was tasked with investigating the journey of the woman alias 'Fito'.”

José Serrano, former Ecuadorian interior minister, confirmed Suárez's request for information. Photo: @ppsera/X

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Relatives of the pseudonym “Fito” were released after being deported from Argentina

Monica PalenciaGovernment minister in Ecuador, announced the release of the relatives of the pseudonym “Fito” upon their arrival Guayaquil after his deportation from Argentina. After his arrival in Ecuadorian lands, the wife and children of the criminal fugitive were detained Simón Bolívar Air Basewhere they underwent medical examination and were later brought home.

Inda Mariela Penarrieta Tuarez and their children were found therein Cordova, Argentina, in an exclusive neighborhood where they owned a house in the Valle del Golf area in Malagueño. In addition to “Fito’s” family nucleus, they were also arrested Denny Yadira Laine's Basurto, Javier Macias Alcivara nephew of the boss, and Angel Zambrano Chiquitoa family friend.