PT comedian impersonating Dilma exposed by police

PT comedian impersonating Dilma exposed by police

You probably don’t remember comedian Gustavo Mendes. During the reign of Dilma Rousseff it gained visibility. The comedian’s only talent was impersonating the former president.

With the impeachment, Dilma was ostracized and dragged Mendes with him.

Now Gustavo Mendes is back in the headlines with a strange case. With bruises on both eyes, he went to the civil police in Juiz de Fora and reported physical harm.

After the investigation, however, delegate Daniel Buchmüller dismissed the robbery hypothesis. He determined it was an assault. Buchmeller explained:

“We had access to several surveillance cameras located at the premises and were able to find out that Gustavo did indeed have hostility with the attacker minutes earlier. Shortly thereafter, the attacker returns to the crime scene and they engage in a new discussion. Satisfied, he picks up two rocks and hits Gustavo on the head. At that moment, Gustavo starts a chase because the attacker avoids the scene,” said the delegate.

The story doesn’t end here, the plainclothes police are now investigating the reason for the aggression. If it turns out the comedian lied to the cops, he could face libelous denunciation charges.

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