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Putin wants to declare Council of Europe treaties canceled by law

Russian President Vladimir Putin wants the termination of treaties with the Council of Europe to be anchored in law. This applies, for example, to the European Convention on Human Rights, the European Convention on Combating Terrorism and the European Social Charter. This emerges from the bill that Putin brought to parliament today. Farewell is considered a formality.

It was already known last week that the Kremlin chief also wants the end of Russia’s participation in the Council of Europe’s Criminal Convention on Combating Corruption to be enshrined in law. Russia was kicked out of the Council of Europe months ago over its war of aggression against Ukraine.

As a result, the largest country in the world in terms of territory is no longer a member of the European Convention on Human Rights, whose compliance is ensured by the Court of Justice. However, several thousand cases against Moscow are still pending before the Court of Human Rights. All have been shelved until Russia is formally excluded and therefore must be examined by the court. Under the convention, Russia is contractually obligated to implement the judgments. Moscow has already announced that it will not comply.

The Council of Europe, the Convention on Human Rights and the Court of Justice are independent of the EU.