Quebec Gray and cloudy weather will continue on Tuesday

Quebec: Gray and cloudy weather will continue on Tuesday

Gray and snowy weather will continue across the province on Tuesday, with temperatures near 0 for most of Quebec.

However, the Îles-de-la-Madeleine will enjoy some intermittent sunshine, as will part of eastern Quebec, which will also experience some snow showers. The temperatures reach -3 or +2 degrees Celsius.
Central Quebec will alternate between clouds and snow showers as mercury hits 0 degrees in Quebec, +1 in Mauricie, +2 in Beauce and +4 in Estrie.
The west will be much less fortunate with mostly cloudy skies sprinkled with some showers in the Montreal area. Temperatures will average around +2 for the majority, but Abitibi-Témiscamingue could see its mercury drop to -2 degrees.
The north and far north of the province are expected to receive snow on Tuesday, with an average of 2cm expected in the north. Temperatures will drop below -10 degrees and reach -20 in some places, while the far north should expect an average of -15 degrees mercury on the hottest day.