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Quebec in the middle of mass air combat – MétéoMédia

Published on January 28, 2024 at 11:09 p.m.

Updated January 29, 2024 at 12:00 p.m.

Exceptionally mild in the west, cold weather in the east: Quebec is experiencing a bitter battle between two air masses at the Antipodes. Details.


Two air masses, two scenarios

Over the weekend, an exceptionally mild air mass caused mercury temperatures in the Plains to rise 15 to 20 degrees above seasonal limits. Although it continues its path east, the mildness won't be able to stay here for long this week: a stubborn cold air mass will continue to push it back.

7 DAYS 1 (1)7 DAYS 1 (1)

There is an arctic air mass north of Quebec that has impacts as far away as the Maritimes. The latter acts as a kind of protective shield that dampens the mildness of the West. In addition, a warning of extreme cold applies to the Fermont region: On the night from Sunday to Monday, a northwesterly wind will blow with temperatures of -48 degrees at times.

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A result that could have been worse

Temperatures will be milder in southern Quebec than further north, but will remain well below freezing. No, the metropolitan area won't feel the 10 degrees seen in the west, but it will still be fine: to the east, a massive coastal storm is preparing to dump significant amounts of snow on Nova Scotia.

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Road conditions in Halifax will be difficult: there will be heavy snow and blizzards. The cold air mass will keep temperatures well below freezing in the eastern provinces. At the same time, this storm prevents the Arctic air mass from continuing its path towards the Atlantic. It is therefore hovering over Quebec and will blow its strong winds in our direction in the first week of February.

7 DAYS 2 (1)7 DAYS 2 (1)

In the longer term, the arrival of a weak system on Thursday could help bring mild air temporarily into Quebec. But behind the disruption, the northern circulation is likely to come into its own again and displace this mild air again from next weekend.

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