1708130551 Quebec is missing the boat a strange and ongoing situation

Quebec is missing the boat: a strange and ongoing situation

Published February 16, 2024 at 10:17 p.m.

Spring break is just around the corner and the news is bad. Forecast.

Significant deficit

The lack of snow on the ground is currently causing a stir in Quebec. As spring break approaches, certain activities in regions south of the metropolis may even be impacted. In Montérégie and Estrie the snow cover is almost zero in places. In Sherbrooke we only observe 2 cm. This unusual situation has been going on for several weeks and, according to the models, is not expected to improve until the end of the season.


Thin layer

As strange as it may seem, New York currently receives more snow in February than Montreal. In fact, the American city records 11 cm, while the metropolis of Quebec only has 8 cm. This weekend, the passage of a system could produce a few centimeters of snow in the metropolis, but this amount would clearly not be enough to close the gap compared to normal, which has been increasing for a month.


Bad trajectories

When it comes to snow, Quebec is behind the curve. If you're a fan of winter activities, you'll certainly be disappointed to learn that the major ski resorts run too far south for the province to receive its share of snow. In several cases, it is the Maritimes that inherited these large assemblages.


Abnormal softness

Since the beginning of 2024, temperatures in Quebec have been unusually mild. In fact, almost all of Canada is experiencing a positive anomaly. In some areas the temperature may be 10°C above normal. The atmospheric context puts snow at a disadvantage in two ways. On the one hand, cold spells push the jet stream too far south and the systems avoid Quebec. On the other hand, mild outbreaks cause precipitation to turn into rain.


In collaboration with Bertin Ossonon, meteorologist.

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