Quebec is on the wrong side

Quebec is on the wrong side

British Columbia is entitled to summer temperatures.

A rather pronounced atmospheric ridge even allows the province to record maximum temperatures of over 25 °C in several places. The parish of Lytton could even see a mercury temperature of 28C on Monday. Same on the Squamish side: Temperatures close to 30°C are possible on the same day.


Humidex over 30 is also on the radar for the same region – mid-October.

That’s more than 10°C above seasonal norms for this time of year.

Meanwhile in Quebec…

The opposite scenario is playing out in Quebec, which is on the wrong side of the jet stream. While western Canada will experience unseasonably hot weather, it’s the coolness that’s grabbing the headlines in La Belle province.


Some of that heat could spill over to our side of the continent. Mercury could climb to close to 20C in some regions on Wednesday and Thursday. As soon as you arrive, as soon as you leave: This rise in temperature is followed by a dive. Passing through a low pressure system will effectively purge the warm air.

On Saturday, the numbers on the thermometer could even drop below 10°C during the course of the day. This is about 5°C below seasonal norms for many areas.

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