Question of the day Vacation Plans for 2024 Where

Question of the day | Vacation Plans for 2024: Where Are You Going This Year?

Relax for a few days, let your mind relax and clear your head. Austrians are ready to spend their money on this in 2024. According to the current Ruefa Travel Compass 2024, 89 percent want to travel this year. In 2023 it was still 86 percent. The main vacation must last at least eight days. Throughout the year, people intend to travel an average of 19 days and spend 1,882 euros on it.

Early booking trend

The fact that these statements in the Ruefa online survey (1564 participants interviewed) are not just empty statements is evident from the high number of advance bookings. “The sooner, the cheaper. The numbers confirm our research so far”, reports Max Schlögl, managing director of Gruber Reisen, in an interview with business editor Hannes Gaisch-Faustmann. A fifth of all Gruber customers had already booked holidays for 2024 by the end of November.

A similar picture emerges at Springer Reisen. To date, the travel agency chain has recorded 55% more pre-bookings than in the same period last year. “Booking in advance is perhaps the biggest current trend in the sector”, explains entrepreneur Andrea Springer.

Croatia and Italy remain at the top

The Carinthians and Styrians trust in tried and tested destinies. At Gruber Reisen, holidays are most frequently booked in Croatia, followed by Italy. The reasons are obvious: both countries can be reached quickly by car, bus and train. The most popular air travel destination is Greece. Holidays at home in Austria and Spain follow elsewhere.

In terms of prices, 2024 is at a moderate level. The average increase is just three percent, which is relatively small compared to inflation in Austria. Some destinations, such as the Greek island of Corfu or the Egyptian seaside resort of Hurghada, have become even cheaper, as reported by tour operator TUI Austria.

What are your vacation plans for 2024?

Where are you going this year? Vote and tell us and the Kleine Zeitung community about your vacation plans for 2024. You can also ask if sustainable travel plays a role for you and why you chose a specific destination.