1674632605 Quinte The professional of the day Erwan Grall quotJoshuann

Quinté+: The professional of the day – Erwan Grall: "Joshuann Bihouee is ready" – Equidia.fr

“First of all, I will be represented three times in today’s Quinté+. Trou Normand (204) finished fourth on his debut in Pau in an interesting field. Since it doesn’t actually shift, it can stiffen the ride. He is quite heavyweight but will find distance and terrain to his liking. Inside Montlioux (213) also made his debut at Pont-Long last time and won a second handicap event there. Her task here is complicated as this time she presents herself in a Quinté+. It will gain morale and has some say in shape, but not really better. Hands Up Sivola (216) has been missing since November 2021 and will be installed with care. It is declassified here and needs to be checked in a less posh society.

Quinte The professional of the day Erwan Grall quotJoshuann

Inside Montlioux, after his win on January 2nd, surrounded by Charlotte Prichard and Erwan Grall.

Just over half an hour later, Jetsee (305) will compete in the Prix de la Bigorre. In her debut she was hesitant on obstacles but jumped forward very well before stumbling on the flat. Thomas Beaurein is sure he would have ended up in the winning couple if she wasn’t sharp at all. She will certainly meet three good mares at the top of the standings but can pull a good straight at the end of a sparse run. She needs to be shaped and she can be brilliant, but I like her.

I will then have two starters in the Al Capone II Prize. Rookie Joshuann Bihouee (508) is the sister ofHeden Bihouewhich has already gone well for Pau andIdalko Bihoue, placed in a group 1 across the channel. This tall, very late filly is pleasant in the morning. She may miss a proper shift to finish, but she’s got work done and will show up ready. She may be a little immature, but I love her very much. Jour de Rêve (507) is a useful filly in this race. This niece of Crack Dream is favored by the “uncording” of the track as it is really very right-handed. Last time she tried very hard over the obstacles. She can be in the top three.

Finally, in the Prix Fezensac, Il Est des Nôtres (709) will do what he can but is suspended. He jumps well but doesn’t have the level for this kind of race. He would fulfill his contract by finishing fifth. »