1705729104 R 40 million without owner discover the history of this

R$ 40 million without owner: discover the history of this mysterious fortune Seu Crédito Digital

After a lengthy legal battle, the underwater archeology company Rockfish Inc., based in Seattle, USA, won the right to recover the wreckage of the sinking of the SS Pacific. In this incident, which occurred in the 19th century, a mysterious gold fortune was allegedly transported, which today is worth about R$ 40 million.

In addition to financial value, the initiative promises to shed light on the details of the worst maritime tragedy on the West Coast of the United States while providing the opportunity to recover an incalculable historical legacy from the ocean floor. Equipped with groundbreaking underwater exploration techniques, Rockfish plans to begin rescue operations in 2024.

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Mysterious fate on the SS Pacific

The search for the remains of the SS Pacific began about five years ago when a local fisherman found a fragment of petrified coal on the coast of Washington state. In addition to transporting miners and their assets, the SS Pacific was loaded with tons of coal to fuel its boilers.

Man holds a lot of money and several dollar bills on the tableMan holds a lot of money and several dollar bills on the tableImage: JesterFlim/shutterstock.com

After twelve consecutive expeditions to the site and amassing around $2 million in expenses, the sensors of one of the underwater robots managed to capture revealing images of two submerged objects. This evidence shows promise as to the possible location of the shipwreck.

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The Tragedy of the SS Pacific

The sinking of the SS Pacific is considered the worst maritime disaster on the northern west coast of the United States. On November 4, 1875, the ship collided with the cargo sailor Orpheus during a storm. Most of the 325 or perhaps more people on board including many prospectors returning from the gold mines of Alaska died in the incident.

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The tragedy occurred due to the negligence of the commanders of both ships. Which culminated in the enormous number of victims. Therefore, there have been several attempts to locate and rescue the SS Pacific in the past. However, until the recent discovery by Rockfish Inc., all attempts had been unsuccessful.

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