Rachel Sheherazade could be sued after suggesting SBT censorship TV

Rachel Sheherazade could be sued after suggesting SBT censorship TV

Rachel Sheherazade could be sued by SBT after insinuating she was censored by the broadcaster. During a conversation on A Fazenda 15, the journalist said that she was warned by Silvio Santos’ channel after she expressed her opinion on the conflict between Israel and Palestine. At that time she hosted the news program SBT Brasil.

The revelation of the alleged censorship came in a conversation with former swimmer Henrique Martins last Thursday (21). The journalist took a proPalestinian stance in an edition of the News. Without naming names, she explained that the warning was given because of the religion of Silvio Santos, who is Jewish.

“At that time, the Palestinians were victims of the conflict. I was called out for punishment because the owner of the station was Jewish, and I couldn’t express that opinion. But I did it. I put myself in it.” “Always in the spotlight. To be honest, you have to be brave. Anyone who is too brave will be the first to lose their neck,” he remembers.

The report caused headaches behind the scenes at SBT. Sources confirm this TV news that the station is exploring the possibility of suing Rachel. The broadcaster intends to take the case to court and demand that journalists prove that the situation occurred.

Rachel was discovered by Silvio Santos in 2011 while anchoring a news program on TV Tambaú, an SBT affiliate in Paraíba. On this occasion, the journalist’s criticism of the state carnival went viral. The fallout led to her being hired as commander of SBT Brasil.

The communicator was fired from SBT in 2020 and subsequently sued the company. She filed an employment lawsuit demanding millions of dollars and sued Silvio Santos for misogyny following an embarrassing incident at the 2017 Press Trophy in the latter case the former employee received R$500,000 in compensation.

Due to the legal complications, Rachel is not allowed to mention the name of Silvio and SBT, just as the presenter and the broadcaster are not allowed to mention them by name. In court documents, the journalist says that she did not receive her vacation pay correctly. The amount to be paid by SBT could reach R$19 million.

Lawsuit against Twitter

Rachel Sheherazade sued Twitter for losing access to her account with over 1.5 million followers in April. The A Fazenda 15 participant was summoned by the courts to a personal hearing scheduled for November this year. However, she will not be able to participate if she remains restricted to the reality show Record. Her defense requested a postponement until 2024, but the original request was rejected.

O TV news had access to a new document presented to the Court of Justice of the State of São Paulo on September 14, by lawyer André Fróes de Aguilar. In the terms, he argued that Rachel was one of A Fazenda’s limited participants this detail had not been included in the first request because the contract with Record was confidential.

The judge has not yet made the new request for a postponement until 2024. If the document is not accepted again, the person’s defense will have to file an appeal by the date of the hearing, which is scheduled for November 21. There is a possibility that she will have to decide whether to give up A Fazenda to attend the meeting or to continue on the reality show and miss the action.

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