Rafa Kalimann enters into relationship with Antonio Palhares and declares

Rafa Kalimann enters into relationship with Antônio Palhares and declares himself: ‘Noble Heart’ TV

After months of rumors of a new romance, Rafa Kalimann started dating Antônio Bernardo Palhares. The 30yearold digital influencer first posted photos with the entrepreneur on social media. “Noble heart,” he explained to himself.

On Saturday evening (13), the presenter shared a series of pictures next to her boyfriend. “I would give you that ability too. Besides zeal, lightness and good taste in flowers, Antônio is calm,” he wrote in the caption of the post on Instagram.

Celebrities and fans congratulated the couple in the comments. “Awnn! How beautiful!” Vivian praised Amorim. “What love,” said Sabrina Sato. “I ship a lot. Marry, have children,” asked Fiorella Mattheis. “How I rejoice!” wrote Heloisa Périssé.

The exBBB was seen kissing the boy back in March. She even complained about the way the new relationship was disclosed: “It’s upsetting to everyone that my new relationship is being disclosed in this way. That’s not cool. It’s part of choosing to be a public person, but it’s a couple’s right to “respect that privacy”.

“Sometimes we’re not even ready to talk to our friends like everyone else. I build a relationship gradually. I think it’s invasive, I think it’s disrespectful to those processes. I needed to relieve that a bit and relax, I understand that unfortunately this is part of my life. The main thing is to be aware that I shouldn’t stop living because of this, I don’t want it to limit my wellbeing in my social life,” he said in an interview with Quem magazine.

Rafa has been single since her relationship with actor José Loreto ended. Antônio Bernardo Palhares is a marathon runner and partner in a company specializing in the storage and distribution of bulk solids and chemical products. He is the cousin of Arthur Ferraz, husband of Mariana Weickert.

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