Rafa Kalimann poses next to her new boyfriend and declares himself: “Noble Heart” Splash

The mood of love is in the air! After months of discretion, 30yearold Rafa Kalimann decided to share a photo album with his fans this Saturday evening (13), along with his new boyfriend, businessman Antônio Bernardo Palhares.

In a post on Instagram, the digital influencer shared a series of photos with her partner, stressing that their presence brings her “calm”.

“I would give you that ability too. Besides zeal, lightness and good taste in flowers, Antônio is calm and has a noble heart,” she wrote.

This is the exBBB’s first release alongside new love. Until then, she had made public appearances alongside the businessman, but had not touched on the subject.

A week ago, Kalimann told Quem that he didn’t like the way the relationship was made public since he split from José Loreto last January and they started posting their pictures with Antônio the following month.

“It’s upsetting that my new relationship is being disclosed in this way, in front of everyone. That’s not cool. It’s part of choosing to be a public figure, but it’s a couple’s right to maintain that privacy. Sometimes we’re not ready or ready to talk.” to friends; like everyone else, I build a relationship gradually. I find it intrusive, I think it’s disrespectful to these processes,” he lamented.

I needed to lose a little weight and relax, realizing that unfortunately this is part of my life. The main thing is to realize that I shouldn’t stop living because of this, I don’t want it to limit my wellbeing in my social life.
Rafa Kalimann

In the comments, Kalimann’s friends and fans left messages from Rio de Janeiro in support of the new novel. “Super amo,” wrote digital influencer Mileide Mihaile. “What love,” host Sabrina Sato posted. “I’m happy for you,” commented singer Claudia Leitte.

Who is Antonio Bernardo Palhares?

Antonio is Arthur Ferraz’s cousin and husband of former model and presenter Mariana Weickert. Despite being discreet on social media and having his profiles blocked, he poses as a marathon runner and is a partner in a company specializing in the storage and distribution of bulk solids and chemical products.

Recently, Rafa and Mari enjoyed Paris Fashion Week together and Mari even posted a photo alongside the former BBB. During the same trip, she recorded a click alongside Antonio in the French Alps. Rafa and Antonio are believed to have been together during the trip, although the two have not been seen together in the photos released so far.

Antonio has run 42km on courses in New York, Berlin, Pisa, Paris, Barcelona and Chicago. After the public appearance, Rafa avoided raising the issue of his private life on the networks, only announcing his participation in the Dança dos Famosos from Caldeirão with Huck (Globo).