Rafael Cardoso from good guy to bad guy in real

Rafael Cardoso from “good guy to “bad guy in real life; Remember the actor's controversies

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03/04/2024 10:45

Rafael CardosoThe 38yearold is under investigation civil police, accused of attacking a bar manager in Barra da Tijuca, Rio's west zone. The alleged case took place early last week and was registered with the 16th DP. However, the controversy is not the first for the actor, who has gone from “good guy” to real “bad guy” in recent years.

Fraud and harassment of minors

Rafael's first controversial revelation was the end of his marriage to Mariana Bridi, which was announced in December 2022. They have been together for 13 years and have two children. After the split was announced, a number of betrayals from the actor came to light.

On social media, Rafael harassed women, including minors, while he was still married. A 17yearold actress revealed messages the actor sent on his Instagram; At that time he asked for photos of the young woman and for confidentiality. “Then delete it here, for heaven’s sake. “Imagine the size of that shit,” he once explained.

Accused of homophobia

In 2023, Rafael Cardoso shared a homophobic post in which he agreed with Nego Di, who criticized João Guilherme's use of crop tops, saying that this type of clothing was “a little shameful” and that the actor would like to “try it out.”

Yoyo and his father are together for the third time

In January, shortly after announcing his split from Mariana, Rafael began dating then24yearold model Vivian Linhares. The relationship took a break after a few months and they were seen together again in August. During this time, the actor impregnated psychologist Carol Ferraz.

Rafael's third daughter, Helena, was born in November 2023. The following month, the actor's team clarified: “Rafael Cardoso is single, he is no longer with Vivian Linhares, even before Helena was born.” He is also not with Carol Ferraz. They look after their newly born daughter together; they are friends.”

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