Rafinha Bastos is dissatisfied with Wanessa Camargo and makes fun

Rafinha Bastos is dissatisfied with Wanessa Camargo and makes fun of the singer on BBB 24 TV

Rafinha Bastos made a joke about Wanessa Camargo's trip to BBB 24. The comedian, who had to compensate the singer for a comment on television, wrote that he is now part of the management of her fan club. The artist was confirmed in the Globo reality box.

The comedian posted on his account

In 2011, during an edition of CQC, Bastos said he would “eat Wanessa and her baby”. At the time, the singer was pregnant with José Marcus, who was born in 2012. As a result of the comment, Wanessa sued the comedian, who was ordered by the court to pay R150,000 in compensation.

In 2016, journalist Mônica Bergamo, from Folha de S.Paulo, explained that the couple at the time intended to donate half of the compensation to the Sociedade Viva Cazuza and the other part to the Casa de Dom Inácio, an institution run by the medium at the time João was operated by Deus.

In 2017, Bastos spoke about the topic in an interview with Fábio Porchat. “When you talk about it, people remember it. I would love to do that.” [encontrar com ela]. When I met her in a park, I simply said to my wife, 'The girl is here'.”

“We were at Comic Con too, and then I was in the dressing room for a moment and a woman said, 'Can I ask you for a favor? Wanessa is coming over, could you go to another changing room?' The fact is, if this is nonsense, she and I don't even have a problem, it's the world around us,” he mused.

Confirmed on BBB 24

Wanessa was confirmed in the cast of BBB 24 last Friday (5). She will have to be in the box and fight to win the cash prize. Before accepting Globo's proposal, she had already declined to participate in the program last year. “I almost left. I had no support from anyone. Everyone said, 'No way,'” she recalled during an interview with The Noite.

At the time, Wanessa was struggling with difficulties in her personal life. The singer saw the show as an opportunity to distract herself from her problems. “I'm competitive, I wanted to see how the tests went. I like to throw myself into things that change completely. At that moment I was playing everything with my stomach and didn't know which direction to go, a bit like a vegetable,” she continued.

News in reality

The awards continue in the same manner as the previous edition. After the prize's value was frozen for 12 years, Globo passed the hat among advertisers to increase the money offered to the champion. In 2024, those locked up will also be able to place bets throughout the program to increase the value of R$ 1.5 million.

The Discord game is replaced by Sincerão, a new activity aimed at reducing violence during clashes. The change was aimed not only at maintaining the harmony of the house and avoiding expulsions like that of Maria on BBB 22 but also at the station earning more and getting sponsors in the dynamic.

Another important announcement was the change in voting to prevent fans from tirelessly clicking on their favorite candidates using bots. In order to limit the power of the base of fanatical admirers, Globo announced the system of CPF limited votes. One of the decisive factors will be individual voting, but there will also be a free modality with no limit per person. Each of the partial results is weighted 50% in the final decision.

In the first moment of the issue, the audience will vote to save their favorite participants instead of eliminating those they like the least. The idea is to prevent longlived “plants” that barely move the game.

Director JB Oliveira, known as Boninho, also said that the house will have an additional bedroom in addition to the traditional two and that of the leader. There will also be a change for viewers who watch the reality show in real time.

“There will be a camera that follows the leader at all times. A channel.” [no Globoplay, assim como os que já existem com câmeras em cada cômodo da casa] just to follow the leader. “Artificial intelligence will follow,” he explained.

With the departure of Dani Calabresa and Paulo Vieira from the reality show, CAT BBB and Big Terapia came to an end. As replacements, the channel has brought in Luis Miranda and Marcos Veras, who will direct new humorous scenes.

Miranda will present Big Babado, whose aim is to comment on the latest events in the house. Veras will paint a painting called “Let's Invadir Your House.” There will also be changes in O Brasil Tá Vendo, which showed the public's influence on BBB through videos, memes and jokes. This format will leave the scene and be replaced by Fanfic Brasil.