Rai wants Paolo Bonolis for the return of Il senso

“Rai wants Paolo Bonolis for the return of Il senso della Vita”

Paolo Bonolis says goodbye to Mediaset. The host's contract with the Biscione company expires in June and recent statements indicate that the ex-husband of Sonia Bruganelli does not intend to renew it. The 62-year-old did not hide a certain tiredness and even announced a short break from the TV world. But there could be a nice twist: it seems that Rai intends to use Paolino for the return of a popular show such as: B. to get back The sense of lifewhich Bonolis presented on Canale 5 from 2005 to 2008.

Paolo Bonolis leaves Mediaset for Rai? The indiscretion

According to TvBlog, he writes about the future of Paolo Bonolis: “He The current heads of public television would be happy to welcome him back to Rai. The doors of Viale Mazzini would open again for the former host of 3,2,1 Contact and there would already be a program ready for him. Rai would like to entrust him with a new edition of “Sense of Life,” which this time would be broadcast on public television.

And again: “An idea that receives great support from Viale Mazzini and that could see, for example, let's say here, The meaning of life early Sunday evening on Rai3, with an attachment late Monday evening on Rai1. A bit like what happened with “Che tempo che fa” by Fabio Fazio at the time of its broadcast on Rai1. But this time with a cross-network mechanism.

Paolo Bonolis to host the Sanremo Festival 2025?

Not just the meaning of life: Paolo Bonolis could also host the 2025 Sanremo Festivalwhich is not driven Amadeus, who decided to cancel the music event after five successful years. Bonolis knows the Ariston stage well: he directed the 2005 and 2009 editions. Regarding a possible return to the City of Flowers, Bonolis admitted: “If I were to consider the idea, a significant investment and an idea that “eventizes” the event would be requiredwhich brings Ariston something we can't see on TV all year round.

Over and beyond Paolo Bonolisthey would also be in the running for the Sanremo Festival 2025 Stefano De Martino and Alessia Marcuzzi (which they could be leading as a couple after the gossip about their alleged romantic relationship) and Geppi Cucciari (that would the first woman to host the event in 15 years, the last was Antonella Clerici).

Paolo Bonolis wants to temporarily leave television

In a current one Interview with La Stampa, Paolo Bonolis He didn't hide a certain TV fatigue. “If it were up to me I would have left two years ago. I only continued because if I stopped, I would jeopardize the livelihoods of many people who work with me and have families. “I need new impulses, but I lack the space and energy to think of new projects,” he admits.

“I feel the need for a break to reconsider my thinking and my nature. “Making television means capturing the spirit of the times, and I have to find myself in the spirit of that time: I have to understand what has become of me and whether I have something to say to this generation,” he added.