Raimondo Todaro his ex is very famous and you all

Raimondo Todaro, his ex is very famous and you all know her: This is her SoloCine SoloCine

A cold case – one could say – the one that would affect the love life of the professional dancer Raimondo Todaro, who last left the parterre of Dancing With the Stars and approached the school of Amici Di Maria De Filippi to win back his ex-wife Francesca Tocca, who turned out to be very jealous of an ex.

Who is the dancer’s famous ex? Raimondo Todaro and how many know her since she is a very well known character? She’s really famous and it seems that Francesca is a lot, a lot of her envious

Who is dancer Raimondo Todaro's ex?Who is Raimondo Todaro’s famous ex? Solocine.it

Shortly after the end of this famous issue of Dancing with the stars which gave rise to gossip to fantasize – and not a little – about an alleged flirtation with Elisa Isoardi, Raimondo Todaro he’s been caught holding hands with one who might be more than just a friend: it’s the bellisisma Sara Arfaouia face known to the Rai Uno public for the role of the quiz show’s teacher The legacy, led by the charismatic Flavio Insinna. A flirt that would have existed – well – a few years ago when he was in a crisis with his wife Francesca Touch with whom he is still a committed couple, much to the delight of their respective fans. However, she seems to have always been very jealous of Sara

caught with her…

To publish the photos that showed them for the first time the unprecedented couple It was the weekly chi that immortalized the two as they walked the streets of Rome while exchanging a kiss and then back on a scooter together. At this point the gossip went crazy and Isoardi fans They realized that it was absolutely true that she and her dance teacher were just good friends.

Sara Arfaoui, his beautiful ex

who is Sara Arfaoui, the beautiful paparazzi girl next to dancer Raimondo Todaro? She is a model and teacher of the quiz show Rai Uno The legacy . She is 26 years old and was born in Nice to Tunisian parents. Blue eyes, dark hair and a handsome body, the girl has over 75,000 followers on Instagram, where the photos showing her as such can be seen great protagonist.

Who is dancer Raimondo Todaro's ex?Sara Arfaoui, are you Raimondo Todaro’s famous ex? Solocine.it

In an interview with Ok Salute, Sara commented on her appearance: “As a child, I was a tall woman with a thin face, full lips, the result of my Tunisian heritage, and dry legs. And that was enough for my other peers to perceive me as “different” and bullied me“. The girl she never resorted to aesthetic interventions to change her image, although there seems to have been some hesitation in the past, as she openly admitted: “I don’t deny that in the past, in the face of all these pressures it occurred to me to reshape my cleavage, but in the end I always resisted the temptation”. And what were the specific reasons for avoiding it? “That’s because even if it’s advertised as a simple haircut, it is still a surgical procedure with the relative risks and you never know exactly how your body is going to react to having the prostheses implanted,” she later explained.

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