Raising exorbitant municipal taxes Quebec conducts city inspections

Raising exorbitant municipal taxes: Quebec conducts city inspections

The Québec Department of Municipal Affairs is conducting reviews on municipalities that have generously increased their taxes for 2023 to validate the relevance of those increases, which sometimes exceed 20%.

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“There are some communities that have really big gains of 20%, 24% and 28%. So there are certain communities in certain regions,” said Community Minister Andrée Laforest. “There are controls that are currently being carried out. We’re not on the consequences, we’re on the controls. These are not investigations, these are verifications.

“That is much”

An administrative team from the Ministry was deployed to carry out this work.

When asked by the Liberal Virginie Dufour during the question and answer session, the minister replied: “24% and 28%, is that normal? As a citizen, I think that’s a lot.”

“We have to see if there is more infrastructure, if there are more projects,” she said.

“You have to put up with elected officials because elected officials are accountable to their citizens. It’s important to mention. For some communities I can’t give the names of the communities, but people from my department immediately came to see if this tax increase was acceptable.

Few details

However, Ms. Laforest refused to explain what criteria the department used to conduct these checks or to disclose the cities attacked.

In late January, our Bureau of Investigation released a tool showing steep municipal tax hikes across Quebec this year.