1709483789 Raoul Bova the illness that forces him to lock himself

Raoul Bova, the illness that forces him to lock himself in a room alone: ​​he ended up in the abyss

Raoul Bova endured years of painful oppression. The actor's confession

Raoul Bova, born in 1971, is an Italian actor who achieved success in the Bel Paese thanks to his beauty, which in a short time made him the sex symbol par excellence. It grows with you Passion for swimming enough to win several competitions in the 100 meter backstroke, but the future has other plans for the handsome Roman.

After studying acting and getting small roles and extras, he got his first role in 1992 for the film “Crazy panties” by Roberto D'Agostino. The director was the first to firmly believe in the young actor's talent and thanks to his vision, Raoul laid the foundation for his future.

He got his first important role the following year in the film “Little big love” by Carlo Vanzina. The scene in which Raoul rises from the sea in slow motion and conquers all of Italy is unforgettable. This is how the picture of Sex symbol of the great artist.

Over the years he has shown that he can play completely different roles and carry on without hesitation Love and youthful roles to the police officers. One of the films that has also made him adored by younger people is undoubtedly “Sorry but I Call You Love”.

Raoul Bova, a terrible suffering

Raoul Bova is a famous Italian actor who achieved immense success throughout his career and was loved by every generation. With over 30 years of activity and more than 70 films, Raoul admitted to Il Messaggero: “I can't act, I'll be the first to say it. I made a fortune with just one expression and then I learned a few more.

Nevertheless, the Roman actor has achieved unprecedented success, becoming one of Italy's most popular sex symbols. Despite notable professional successes, the actor had to face one severe disease from a young age. A problem that forced him into many moments of loneliness and grief, which he had to fight with all his might.

Raoul BovaRaoul Bova, the terrible disease – Credit Ansa Photo – Trendsiviaggio.it

Raoul Bova, who ended up in the abyss for this reason

Raoul Bova is a great actor who has built a very respectable career, but hides a strong sensitivity that has forced him to go through complicated times: “Since I was a child, I get one every now and then…” Feeling of suffering and loneliness. Then I withdraw into myself and need to be alone. It has been with me since childhood: a feeling of oppression, of darkness, of darkness.

With utmost humility, Raoul said: “Every now and then it surprisingly resurfaces [..] I feel bad, I feel inadequate, I feel the suffering of the world around me, I'm sinking, Sometimes I touch the abyssand then I have to stay alone, locking myself in a room without speaking to anyone until I come out. My remedy is chocolate.

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