How old was Chaves on the show Online series

Rarity! Chiquinha appears alongside Seu Madruga in a behindthescenes photo from the past of ‘Chaves’ Online Séries


The series premiered on the SBT program in August 1984 (Credit: Reproduction/SBT/Disclosure/Televisa)

The characters Braid and Seu Madruga were interpreted by the actors Marie Antoinette de las Nieves It is Ramon Valdes in the series “Key“. Father and daughter had great adventures in one of the most successful comedy shows on television.

Don Ramón became very popular with the public. He was always showing up and doing odd jobs to pay the bills and raise his daughter. Although not as wealthy as Mr. Belly, Seu Madruga was a great father who wanted nothing for Chiquinha.

María Antonieta has an official Instagram profile where she publishes photos and videos that recall the past and show her new projects, events and interviews.

In a rare image, she appears alongside Ramón Valdés, both of whom are portrayed as her characters in the series.

“From the Album of Memories…” the actress wrote, earning the affections of her followers.

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“The best childhood with them,” said one fan.

“Without a doubt I had a lovely childhood with ‘Chaves,'” said another.

“Seeing them reminds us of my childhood and continuing to see them entertains us, great actors,” said a Colombian follower.

Although the humorous series was born in Mexico, it was quite successful in Brazil when it aired on Brazilian open television.