Rebagliati on words from Canchita and Concha in the U

Rebagliati on words from “Canchita” and Concha in the “U”: They explain for the fans and look good

University of Sports In 2024, a special year for the cream institution's 100th anniversary, it was ready to start a new season. After winning the national title last season, the 'U' has the opportunity to become two-time champions and to achieve this in this latest transfer market they have been strengthened with players from the local and foreign championship. In addition, the top team will try to have a good season in the Copa Libertadores under the leadership of new coach Fabián Bustos.

The final 100th anniversary signing was announced Christopher GonzalesPeruvian national team midfielder who comes from Al Adalh club in Saudi Arabia's second division.

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The international comes to the club where he trained and won the Copa Libertadores U-20 together with Edison Flores. Years later, in 2021, “Canchita” joined Sporting Cristal and won the Bicentennial Cup with the Rimese team.

Another of Universitario's latest reinforcements and one of the most media-friendly was that of Jairo Conchawho comes to the Ate team after spending three years at Alianza Lima and becoming a two-time national champion.

Rebagliati on words from Canchita and Concha in the UJairo Concha explained that he has been a fan of Universitario since he was a child. Photo: University/X

What did Diego Rebagliati say about the arrival of Christofer Gonzáles and Jairo Concha at the Universitario?

On January 19, both footballers were introduced at a press conference and spoke to the media. Sports commentator Diego Rebagliati referred to these signings and pointed out that according to his perception Remember that players usually explain for the fans and what they want to hear.

1705791861 835 Rebagliati on words from Canchita and Concha in the UChristofer Gonzáles became U20 champion of the Copa Libertadores with Universitario in the 2010–2011 season. Photo: University/X

“With the question of whether the players are fans or not, the footballers are fans of themselves.” You can see how Jairo Concha shouted the goals in the Monumental when he scored two goals with Alianza Lima, and he shouted them as if someone who does it, she has to scream .goals in a classic. “Sometimes I feel like the players say more for the fans to look good or to say what the fans want to hear, and from then on they are slaves to what they say,” he said in the latest edition of the 'Al Angulo' program.

Furthermore, Rebagliati He remembered the time when “Canchita” spoke of Sporting Cristal as a special club Here in Peru. As you remember, the former Colo Colo player stated some time ago that he would only play for the light blue team in the country. But now the reality looks different.

“For example, Canchita (some time ago) sent a whole story about Cristal, her new love and all that, and now she has to go to the 'U' and everything is fine, it's perfect. You play where you find an opportunity to evaluate different aspects. I feel like we often romanticize football players. You are a fan of the teams, not the players, because they fit,” he said.

How many reinforcements have arrived at Universitario by 2024?

For the 100th anniversary, the student team signed six soccer players, three of whom are foreign and the other three are Peruvians. The players who will wear the cream jersey this year are Britos, Portocarrero, Dorregaray, González, Concha and Olivares.

What did Jairo Concha say after his lecture at Universitario?

The former Alianza Lima player was happy to arrive at the Merengue store and He confessed that he had been a fan of this team for as long as he could “remember”.. “It is a great challenge to be part of the 100th anniversary of the club that I have always been a fan of. I've been a fan of the 'U' since I can remember, I arrived at the club I love. When she told me she wanted me, I was happy and not. I thought a lot about the decision and this year is special,” he explained.

What did Christofer Gonzáles say after his lecture at Universitario?

“I'm happy to return home. I always wanted to go back. It's the club where I made my debut, the club I'm a fan of and everyone knows it. After what happened, I don't want to leave it like that.” “Cristal is a team that is very close to my heart. They treated us very well,” he said at a press conference.