Reborn Jose Inocencio eases the pain of Santinha39s death of

Reborn: José Inocêncio eases the pain of Santinha's death of a newborn TV

The birth of the fourth child of Maria Santa (Duda Santos) and José Inocêncio (Humberto Carrão) becomes very complicated in Renascer. The young woman fights tooth and nail to give birth, placing the child in her husband's arms even after Jacutinga (Juliana Paes) warns that either the baby or the mother can be saved. The little colonel will order her to give priority to his wife since he will have already had three children.

The dramatic scenes will fill the 11th chapter of the remake, which will be broadcast on Friday (2). After hours of despair and grief, the pregnant woman will see Our Lady at her side and use her last strength to give birth to her child. The audience hears the baby's cries as the mother begins to say goodbye to life.

At the same time, José Inocêncio will appear in the room fighting with the image of the Virgin Mary, saying that the saint is responsible for the “daughter”. He will complain that the Mother of Jesus Christ is not helping his wife, who will waste away in pain.

In the room, Jacutinga will collapse as a midwife. Inácia (Edvana Carvalho) will try to comfort her by saying that the way is to give it to God. While the child is crying, the little colonel happily enters the room and Santinha will tell him that Our Lady has helped her and that he will learn to love the youngest as she already loves him.

He will hold his son and ask her to rest because he spent the night awake. Maria Santa appears to be sleeping in bed but never wakes up. Inácia will tell her boss, who will start screaming that he wanted her alive, not the baby. Jacutinga will explain that Santinha favored her son.

At the same time, he scares everyone away by screaming for the child to get out of his way. He will even say that he never wants to see the child again. José Inocêncio will cry violently and decide to bury his wife at the feet of the Jequitibárei, where he planted his machete in the first chapter of the novel. There he will ask that her soul go to a good place.

After that, he will reject the advice to care for the living, to care for his young, his newborn. The protagonist will claim that the Last Son took Maria Santa away from him, so he will never be his heir.

The uprising will be so great that he will order Father Santo (Chico Diaz) to take the child away and Jacutinga will intervene and ask Deocleciano (Adanilo) to leave him in the arms of Morena (Uiliana Lima) until the time comes Anger heals the little colonel's heart.

Renascer was written by Bruno Luperi and is an adaptation of the 1993 work by Benedito Ruy Barbosa. As with Pantanal (2022), the author intends to follow his grandfather's original plot and make few changes to the story.

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