Recap of the soap opera e Paixao Next Chapter Saturday

Recap of the soap opera e Paixão: Next Chapter, Saturday January 13 TV

Check out the synopsis of the next chapter of Terra e Paixão, Globo's nine o'clock soap opera airing this Saturday (13):

Graça is afraid that Irene will insist on taking Danielzinho with her. Marino frees Gentil and explains that Irene planted the murder weapon in his house. Jonatas helps his girlfriend get rid of Irene and advises Graça to go home with her son.

Marino reminds Silva and Magalhães that the coroner discovered a deadly substance in Agatha's body. Luigi decides to leave Antônio's house and return to the inn. Petra asks Hélio if the fact that Irene took Agatha's life will prevent them from being together. Irene dresses up with new clothes and accessories. Irene watches Vinícius and Iraê in the river.

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