Recommendations for a TV weekend

Recommendations for a TV weekend


A Friday with a Western icon like “Deep Roots” and an event like the Drag Gala of the Canary Islands Carnival. A Saturday that combines the Football League and a TV classic like “Atrapa unmillion”. And a Sunday marked by coverage of the elections in Galicia and the Bafta gala. And these are just a few of the numerous recommendations for a weekend in front of the TV.

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Films from Friday: “Hannibal” and “Deep Roots”

'Hannibal'. 15.20, COSMO The adventures of Hannibal Lecter were revived 10 years later thanks to a powerful script by David Mamet and a Julianne Moore who managed to make Jodie Foster partially forgotten. A fusion of dark and morbid, bloodthirsty images that culminate in a sordid banquet. 'Deep roots'. 10 p.m., MOVISTAR CLASICOS Few westerns have played with the myth of the genre like Deep Roots, which sanctifies the figure of the shooter with a dark past, whose revolver is always at the service of the weakest. George Stevens combines the luminosity of open spaces with the chiaroscuro of interiors in a classic cinema model that always offers the viewer a new feeling.1708060162 0 Recommendations for a TV weekend

Culture: a documentary journey to Texas and a memory of Lee Marvin

The Texas Wilderness. 4:00 p.m., ODYSSEY Odyssey premieres the documentary Texas: Wild at Heart, narrated by Matthew McConaughey. A work that discovers the state's last wild redoubts and highlights the importance of their preservation, in a journey that reaches from the gigantic peaks of West Texas to the depths of the Gulf of Mexico. It shows the diversity of its fauna and landscapes and explores the relationship between humans and wildlife through the lives of species such as the blind catfish and the ocelot. “Movie Days” is reminiscent of Lee Marvin. 8:30 p.m. LA 2 On Lee Marvin's 100th birthday, Film Days draws a portrait of the legendary actor. In addition, the premieres on the billboard are discussed, among which films such as the Spanish film Looking for Coque and Priscilla by Sofia Coppola stand out.
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Entertainment: Canary Islands Carnival Drag Gala and “The Challenge”

Carnival on the Canary Islands: Drag Gala. 10:00 p.m., LA 2 The streets of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria are full of color with the arrival of Carnival. La 2 is broadcasting this year's Drag Queen Gala live. Murgas, floats, music and color are the protagonists of the festival in which thirteen candidates fight for the queen's throne. Roberto Herrera, Drag Sethlas and a surprise guest will be responsible for moderating the competition. Sixth gala of “The Challenge”. 10/22, ANTENA 3 The challenges continue in The Challenge with a gala where Mar Flores must pass the most feared test: apnea. In addition, Luis Piedrahita will teach Pepe Navarro magic, Adrián Lastra will have to face tightrope walking on fire and Mónica Cruz will have to learn to play the laser harp.1708060165 30 Recommendations for a TV weekend

Films for Saturday: “The Elephant Man” and “The Community”

'Community'. 5:00 p.m., COMEDY CENTRAL An urban delirium that combines black comedy and thriller and clearly shows that the beast lives hidden among us, waiting for the moment to show his face. In this case, the cause is the discovery of P300 million hidden in one of the apartments of a neighborhood community. Álex de la Iglesia manages to make the audience laugh, even if the laughter sometimes freezes. “The Elephant Man”. 10 p.m., TCM In 1980, David Lynch was not yet an outstanding director, but he was a writer who could create this terrible but also beautiful masterpiece that tells the true story of John Merrick, a brutally deformed, exploited man and a fair attraction. Lynch presents the viewer with a fierce portrait of human intolerance and cruelty. Of course a masterpiece.1708060167 328 Recommendations for a TV weekend

Saturday sports. Football with Atlético and Barça

2:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m., DAZN DAZN will broadcast two of the most important games of the football day live. At 2:00 p.m. Atlético Madrid hosts Las Palmas at the Metropolitano and Barcelona faces Celta at Balaídos at 6:30 p.m. The Rojiblancos and Azulgranas are in the middle of the fight for third place in the table.1708060169 535 Recommendations for a TV weekend

Entertainment for Saturday

Another episode of Catch a Million. 22.10, ANTENA 3 Manel Fuentes, responsible for the Atrapa Unmillions competition, is once again putting a prize of one million euros at stake. Retaining the mechanics that made the format famous, contestants are forced to answer eight questions. The first four have four answer options; The next three questions will have three options and the eighth and final question will only have one right and one wrong.Recommendations for a TV weekend

Public television reports on the elections in Galicia

RTVE news specials on the elections in Galicia Public television focuses on the elections in Galicia. La 1, channel 24 hours RTVE Noticias will follow the evolution of the vote with coverage that will take place in all news broadcasts and will culminate with a special broadcast at 7:50 p.m., 18F Galicia decides, hosted by Alejandra Herranz and Marta Carazo and that will El include. The operation will conclude with the presence of RNE Galicia journalists at the headquarters of all political parties. 1708060171 341 Recommendations for a TV weekend

Films for Sunday. David Lynch and Sofia Coppola

“The Virgin's Suicides”. 3 p.m., MOVISTAR INDIE Sofia Coppola's debut shows the essence of her cinema, always supported by the suggestive power of her images. His style is held together by fragile threads, as in this melodrama that lives between the magical and the terrible. A portrait of the teenage days of five sisters who hide sick and inevitably tragic longings and are imprisoned by tyrannical parents. “Mulholland Drive.” 4:55 p.m., SUNDANCE David Lynch traces the symbolic journey of a young aspiring actress and another who has lost her memory, tracing several intersecting stories; although they may be the same when viewed from different angles. The disturbing images from Mulholland Drive raise many questions but provide few answers. Perhaps that is why Lynch himself confessed that he did not know the significance of the disturbing result of this unclassifiable work.1708060172 22 Recommendations for a TV weekend

Culture: Bafta Awards Ceremony

Bafta Awards Ceremony. 8:00 p.m., TCM María Guerra and Pepa Blanes commentate on the Bafta Awards ceremony, which will be hosted by David Tennant from the Royal Festival Hall in London. The nominations are dominated by Oppenheimer, Anatomy of a Fall, Those Who Remain, The Moon Killers and Poor Creatures, while The Snow Society is in contention for the Best Foreign Language Film prize.