1667455341 Recommended Crime Horror Mystery Podcasts for November

Recommended Crime, Horror & Mystery Podcasts for November

Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer in his 1982 mugshot. On that occasion, he was arrested not for his crimes but for a public scandal after getting drunk and masturbating at a state fair.Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer in his 1982 mugshot. He wasn’t arrested for his crimes at the time, but for a public scandal after getting drunk and masturbating at a state fair. PA – PA Images (PA Images via Getty Images)

“The Secret Tapes of Fred & Rose West”

Journalist Howard Sounes returns to one of the most horrific crime scene cases of our time in this podcast, available on Podimo and not suitable for sensitive stomachs. Spread over 10 chapters, The Secret Tapes of Fred & Rose West delves into the crimes of this couple who killed and buried 12 young women, some effectively girls, in the garden and under the bathroom of their home. The case reconstruction is impeccable and despite the fact that there is a chapter where the dubbing repeats several phrases for no apparent reason, the rhythm carries the listener from one episode to the next. The crimes happened between the 1960s and 1980s, but it’s shocking to see the range of mistakes that were made and to think how many deaths could have been prevented.

Dark Chronicles (Mexico)

Directed and written by Luis de Velasco, this horror series follows a legend of Latin American culture each season. It tries to create the most immersive experience possible. Alongside the meticulous sound effects, some of Mexico’s great voice actors lend voice to the stories, which are fused with real cases to create more fear in the audience. Fantasy and horror as a mirror of the everyday. The first episode, Los Nahuales, combines the confrontation between drug cartels with the appearance of an ancient race of beastmen in Mexico City. The second, The Dark Queen, is set in Braşov (Romania), in the heart of Dracula’s Transylvania, during World War II.

“Black and Criminal”

In a huge offering that includes a high percentage of shows that take crime as a trend, as a joke, or treats it as sensational, it’s always good to stumble upon this classic podium podcast. With the hypnotic voice of Mona León Siminiani (also director), each season mixes real case chapters (illustrated with sound dramatizations) with others in which they develop fiction. The level of everything that happens in Black and Crime is excellent and the sound design, setting and rhythm create the atmosphere these stories need to succeed without appealing to basic instincts. In July 2018, they were already talking about Jeffrey Dahmer, who is now so popular for the Netflix series.

‘Night Terror’

Every Tuesday, this room brings tales of horror, mystery, and unexplained events that keep its followers awake. The project is led by Emma Entrena and Silvia Ortiz, and directed by David Fernández Marcos. It’s obvious that they enjoy the subjects they deal with. In this case, they try to inspire fear of the unusual and the unknown, not forgetting the real cases. Dahmer couldn’t miss one of the last deliveries either. They also talk about enchanted colleges and universities in Spain and make their debut in Sound Fiction. The special chapter You can telephone from here. It adapts a story by English novelist Albernon Blackwood that was published in The Westminster Gazette just over a century ago.

In English: ‘murder book’

A gift from writer Michael Connelly to lovers of mystery and great stories. Whether or not they’ve read the king of contemporary detective fiction, listeners will delight in his cavernous voice, fine acting and case-breaking ability that is so well seen in his Harry Bosch novels . It also has the collaboration of Rick Jackson, Tim Marcia and Mitzi Roberts, cops essential in documenting his police series (and moreover, Roberts is the model of his character Rene Ballard) and with jazz music by Grace Kelly , exclusively for the space composed. The final season, which follows the arrest and interrogation of serial killer Sam Little, is among the best on the podcast scene today.

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