1676668699 The physical version of Redfall would not contain a disc

Redfall is revealed with a new gameplay video! – Xboxygen

The next big Xbox exclusive is none other than Redfall. Arkane’s cooperative game will be released in a few months and got a new gameplay demo at the IGN Fan Fest.

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The physical version of Redfall would not contain a disc

Ben Horne, the game’s Production Manager, was on hand to talk about the game. We were particularly treated to a new gameplay presentation that allows you to see new enemies and certain mechanics in vampire attacks where you have weapons on the must use to complete them.

The game still seems so complete and these presentations help a lot to understand the principles of this new arcane formula. The director explains that several important elements of the game will be available early in the game and thanks to the events the player will never have time to get bored.

Redfall is revealed with a new gameplay video

Art direction mixing cartoon and dirty always looks so promising. All weapons are customizable throughout your adventure and the game allows you to explore its universe the way you want. As you progress, you will unlock more and more powerful Vampire Nest attacks to overcome this threat.

Redfall will be available on May 2nd for Xbox Series X|S and PC. It will also be integrated into Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass right on the day of its release. Keep in mind that when the Bethesda website suggested that the physical edition of the game will only contain a code, we have since received confirmation that it was a bug and that it will indeed contain a disc.