Regina Duarte spreads fake news about banners used at Lulas

Regina Duarte spreads fake news about banners used at Lula’s inauguration

Actress Regina Duarte, supporter of Jair Bolsonaro and former Special Secretary for Culture, appears not to have accepted the victory of the PT’s Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in last year’s presidential election. On his Instagram account, Duarte lied about Lula’s inauguration.

In one post, she published a montage of two photos in which Lula and Bolsonaro appear with different presidential banners. “Even the banner is a scam! Alexandre de Moraes delivers a fake banner to the thief to pose as the President! Look at the difference in the picture,” the caption reads.


>> Lula recants Bolsonaro’s actions and calls for a reassessment of 100year secrecy

>> Professor from Curitiba was one of those chosen to pass the banner to Lula

The information provided by Duarte is incorrect. The difference between the bands has nothing to do with the Minister of the Federal Court of Justice, the STF. Quite simply, Lula has chosen not to carry former President Dilma Rousseff’s banner and not Bolsonaro’s.

In the comments, actress Elisa Lucinda, who costarred with Duarte in the 2006 soap opera Páginas da Vida, scolded her colleague.

“Respect the Presidentelect. Stop being undemocratic. You have grandchildren. Don’t teach them not to respect the President of the Republic. You should have opposed the deletion of our service. The class is shocked by you, Regina. A beautiful story you wrote and you take care of deleting it. Accept the election result. Or stop saying the word ‘democracy’.”