Renascer hides devil doll in scene with burning candle for

Renascer hides devil doll in scene with burning candle for Cramulhão TV news

Bruno Luperi decided to maintain the mystery of the Cramulhão that José Inocêncio (Humberto Carrão) caught in a bottle in Wednesday's episode (24) of Renascer. Globo even hired artist Dante to recreate the little devil, but relied on tension in the scene where Inácia (Edvana Carvalho) lights a candle for the “evil thing.” On social media, the public even called on the broadcaster to show the image of the devil immediately.

After escaping one attack after another, the protagonist gained notoriety by having his body trapped in Globo's Nine O'Clock Soap Opera. He himself attributes this achievement to a pact he made with the devil himself as shown in the first chapter, in which he placed a machete at the foot of a Jequitibárei.

Not surprisingly, José Inocêncio made an unusual request to Inácia when he told her that he was going after Maria Santa (Duda Santos). He asked the maid to light a candle for the saint and another for the Cramulhão in the farmer's room.

Edvana Carvalho's character was initially hesitant, but then even apologized to God for fulfilling her boss's wishes.

“By all that is most sacred to me, my mother, I beg you: remove this girl from her intentions. Or bring some sense, because I don't know what else to do to warn him of the risks he is taking if he follows this story,” the saint's mother prayed in front of the image of the Virgin Mary.

Then she went to the bottle that contains the Cramulão. “May God forgive me for this, but if you are involved in this… May he deliver me and also keep his ways,” he added.

The sequence had an impact on social media. “The Cramulhão is Helena do Benedito. She is in Paraíso, Pantanal and Renascer,” argued Felipe, alluding to the protagonists created by Manoel Carlos.

“May the new Cramulhão be as charismatic as the original version,” wished Jupa. “We want to see the Cramulhão, Globo,” Jão added.

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