Renting RVs for Living Is Illegal in Florida Hialeah Mayor

Renting RVs for Living Is Illegal in Florida, Hialeah Mayor Reminds Cuban Directory

In recent months in particular, it has become a trend for trailer owners to rent them. However, the mayor of the city of Hialeah Esteban Bovo himself recently reminded that this is a completely illegal practice. “There’s a solar situation coming up in Hialeah, you can’t rent trailers as houses,” Bovo said. The mayor also pointed to the increase in investments by people buying houses, setting up caravans and renting them out as living space. The prices are exorbitant, more than $1,000.00 per month.

“The same person who lives in Pembroke Pines, Miami Lakes, Coral Gable or Miami Springs buys a home in Hialeah. He has no intention of living in Hialeah or being part of Hialeah life, but he has it as an investment. What happens in the long term? “You are creating a vulgar solar situation in the neighborhood,” commented the executive, quoting a Cuban term.

Neighbors want to protect their investment

It is obvious that such a situation also affects other residents of the area. Of course, they also want to protect their investment. Bovo commented on this. “You are my neighbor and you have two trailers next to me, plus a revolving door. Maybe you even have a house divided into several parts, for two or three families.”

The mayor stressed that “they create a situation that we have to deal with.” He also recalled that the city supports the use of caravans, but only for holiday purposes.

His recent comments come at the same time as the immigration crisis Florida is experiencing today. Thousands of Latin American migrants have arrived in the “Sunshine State” and initially have no place to stay. It is clear that the massive arrival of immigrants has led to an increase in house rental prices. Ads appear on social networks in which a room with a private bathroom costs $1,000.00 or more, including furniture and services.