Reporter Freezes Eggs in Seconds in Chinas Extreme Cold of

Reporter Freezes Eggs in Seconds in China’s Extreme Cold of 53C; Clock

The temperature was the lowest on Mohe since 1969; National record held by the city of Genhe: 58ºC

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Eggs freeze in seconds in China

The city of Mohe in China, reached the lowest temperature ever recorded in the region on Sunday 22nd. Thermometers read 53 degrees Celsius, Chinese state media reported Tuesday, April 24. Mohe residents have not experienced such extreme cold since 1969, when the record was 52.3 degrees Celsius. To show how low the temperature was, a correspondent for state broadcaster CCTV smashed an egg onto a shovel and the food froze in seconds. Although this is a record for the region, it was not the lowest temperature ever recorded in China. In 2009, the city of Genhe, also in the north, reached 58°C. Mohe borders Russia and is known as the “North Pole of China”. According to the newspaper “China Daily Newspaper”, the destination is considered the coldest in China and its winter season “generally lasts eight months”. Mohe became a tourist spot after the authorities developed special winter programs.