Reporter gets sick live and faints

Reporter gets sick live and faints

Journalist Vanessa Medeiros felt ill and passed out during a report she presented this Wednesday for TV Tribuna, a Rede Globo subsidiary on the São Paulo coast.

She suffered a fall during a live. The journalist was standing outside the São Vicente police station.

Before falling, Medeiros warned that he was unwell.

When she lost consciousness, she was saved by film reporter Fernando Skillo accompanying her, who did not let her colleague fall to the ground.

“She’s fine, she’s recovered. I’m taking Vanessa to Unimed to see how her blood pressure is. She didn’t fall to the ground. As the information ‘fleas’ from her head, I did nothing, but as she put my hand to her face, I stepped out of the camera and held her close to the wall. She passed out, but she’s back,” Skillo said.

According to a statement from TV Tribuna, the journalist is fine and has only experienced a drop in pressure.

Vanessa Medeiros spoke about a police operation in Morro Voturuá that ended in an exchange of gunfire between police and criminals. According to the report, two bandits were killed in the action and a minor was arrested by the authorities.

See the moment below.

The event became a topic on social media.

Why did the Tribune TV reporter faint live? Has anyone seen this???

thiagoaazevedo (@ThiagoAmarodeA1) November 2, 2022

Folks, the TV reporter Tribuna who is now passing out is living just like Jack

meow | Harry Potter (@caremeliam) November 2, 2022

Reporter from Tribune TV fainted live, over

Rapha Iél (@Ralphizinho) November 2, 2022