1706187904 Republican primaries Trump is very close to his goal

Republican primaries: Trump is very close to his goal

Donald Trump emerged as the winner of the Republican primary in New Hampshire this Tuesday evening with a narrow lead over his rival Nikki Haley.

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This win for the big favorite of the American right paves the way for the Republican Party's nomination for the presidential election in November against Joe Biden.

“The results largely correspond to our expectations. It is a victory that is not exactly brilliant for Trump,” commented Pierre Martin, a political science professor at the University of Montreal and a columnist for the Journal.

Republican primaries Trump is very close to his goal

With confidence and joy, Donald Trump appeared this Tuesday at Londonderry High School during the Republican primary in New Hampshire, which he won. Photo AFP

According to American media forecasts, the former President of the United States won the vote in New Hampshire ahead of his 52-year-old former ambassador to the United Nations. At press time, he had a lead of more than 12% of the vote.

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While congratulating Mr. Trump on his victory in this small northeastern state where she has many supporters, Ms. Haley assured that “the race.” [était] “It’s far from over” and that several Americans “didn’t want a second fight between Trump and Biden.”

1706187894 384 Republican primaries Trump is very close to his goal

Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley gave a heartfelt speech to her supporters in the city of Concord following her defeat. Photo AFP


And she warned Republicans that “a Trump inauguration would be a victory for Biden” on November 5.

Since his defeat in November 2020, which he never acknowledged to President Biden, the 77-year-old billionaire, who is at the center of four criminal trials this year, has been determined to seek revenge on his Democratic rival this fall.

“Essentially, we are witnessing the success of Donald Trump because he has managed to get his party to swallow all the lies surrounding the 2020 election! » exclaimed Mr. Martin.

In his acceptance speech on Tuesday evening, the former American president reminded the crowd of his victory in 2016 and also highlighted the results for 2020.

To face the outgoing president on Nov. 5, he will have to face his only competitor still in the race at his party's convention at the end of all state primaries this summer.

Not wanting to give up, Ms. Haley reiterated Tuesday that “it's always been a marathon and never a sprint.”

Strong participation

The New Hampshire primary, where the last polls closed at 8 p.m., saw “very strong turnout,” according to local authorities.

Last week, Mr. Trump handily won the primary in Iowa and strongly encouraged voters to travel to vote.

1706187897 512 Republican primaries Trump is very close to his goal

Joe Biden, American President Photo AFP

His rival Ron DeSantis also dropped out of the race last weekend.

Meanwhile, President Biden easily won the New Hampshire Democratic primary, although he did not vote due to a disagreement with the local party.

In the bag

In addition, Mr. Trump has almost secured his nomination for the presidential election, his Democratic rival's campaign team estimated.

” The results [de mardi] “This evening, we confirm that Donald Trump has all but secured the Republican Party’s nomination,” Julie Chavez Rodriguez, the team’s leader, said in a news release.

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