Resume the course of our activities

Resume the course of our activities

Do we say “cursed pandemic” or “cursed pandemic”? Regardless, it's over and we need to fully return to our lives and activities.

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During COVID-19 we have had to retreat, isolate ourselves from the world, slow down and even limit ourselves. I noticed that some people had kept some of that rhythm, that beat. They have become a little more homely.

However, during this period of isolation, outdoor activities, including hunting and fishing, have seen an incredible resurgence as they generally require a certain distance to practice.

Light up!

As some say: Life is like a long tunnel, you enter it without knowing what is at the end. You never know when and how it will end. It's better to live your dreams than to dream your life.

I recently passed the 60 mark and if there's one sentence I can't stop hearing, it's: “Yes, yes, I will someday.”

Like everyone else, many people around me have died and some are sick, and God knows how much they would have liked to have had a few more weeks to go on the trips they had always dreamed of.

My title is a bit of a play on Nike's advertising slogan “Just do it”, which can be translated in various ways as “Do it!” “, ” Continue ! “, ” do it now ! “, “just do it!” » or “Do it!” “.

Be rational

It is true that a certain economic reality must be taken into account. Normally, when you are young and then start a family, you are involved in all kinds of payments. We don’t have much “looseness,” as the saying goes. Once we reach a certain age, we sometimes have more financial flexibility, but health problems become more common and accompanying companions become less common.

During this beautiful holiday season, I ask you to create a wish list of realistic places you would like to visit for hunting or fishing. Even if it's just a guided trip on the river, for example. Make this list and try to stick to it by doing whatever it takes to achieve this goal. Even if you're alone, you can tailor your research to join a group or accompany another enthusiast just waiting for you.

Great options

When you surf the Internet, you will find thousands of inviting and stimulating places. On the website alone you will find 336 hunting establishments where 22 species of fish live and where you can hunt 18 species of game.

Just think of the network of 13 game reserves and their 41,000 km2 of land, among the richest in the public domain, as well as the 16,480 lakes and 298 rivers of the Zec network, where around a million brown trout are caught every year.

Of course, without taking into account the full potential of the free territory.

In short: Just do it, make your list, and prepare for a 2024 where Fish and Game will do much more than just fuel your dreams. They will fill your heart and head with inexhaustible memories.

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