Review of 500 Days in the Wild a sporting achievement

Review of “500 Days in the Wild”: a sporting achievement and a tribute to the planet

Dianne Whelan is the first person to complete the 24,000km Trans Canada Trail.

It took her six years to accomplish this feat by bike, on foot or in a canoe. And everything is impressive in this incredible 120-minute documentary.

What stands out, of course, are the landscapes. No matter the season, Dianne Whelan takes the time to stop, film, and comment on geese, bison, horses, and more. Equipped with an undeniable flair for storytelling, the photographer, director and author also takes the opportunity to share her philosophy of life – especially with regard to protecting the planet and its resources – while filming the encounters she encounters. on my way.

500 Days in the Wild was presented at the Whistler Film Festival (FFF) and received the Audience Award. It's not just an ecological documentary. It is also – and above all? – an ode to perseverance, perseverance and courage as they make their way from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island.

The trick of “500 Days in the Wild” and Dianne Whelan is also to involve the viewer in their considerations. By looking at and listening to the magnificent images, we become aware of our place on Earth, this interconnectedness that connects all living organisms, our ecological responsibilities, our human responsibilities, quite simply.

500 Days in the Wild lights up screens on March 1st.

Rating: 4 out of 5