Riccardo Guarnieri anger the suspicion of Ida and Alessandro

Riccardo Guarnieri anger, the suspicion of Ida and Alessandro

The well-known knight of the throne over men and women throws a very venomous dig at a couple and his ex-girlfriend Ida Platano would have had something to do with it.

The famous knight Throne above of men and women, Richard Guarnieristarted a very poisonous arrow against a few and its would have something to do with it Ex-girlfriend Ida Platano.

Men and women, Riccardo Guarnieri toxic on social media

But let’s go in order. The Tarantine Knightpublished an Ig Stories some time ago, without personal reference, but with a very clear accusation

“Time puts everyone in their place. Every king on his throne… And every clown in his circus”

Quite an unusual jab, that of the knight who doesn’t use social media heavily, so it’s often sifted that it’s published. According to the gossip expert Deianira Marzano, Riccardo would refer to Alessandro Vicinanza, his ex’s current boyfriend, Ida Platano. There marzano shared this indiscretion that arrived in the last few hours: “Riccardo, Ida’s ex, seems to know of a betrayal by Alessandro”

As for the former couple of throne overmany have noted a social “silence,” or rather, the lack of photos and videos that, as usual, testify to their romantic moments together. Alexander that recently was in the hospital with heart problemsin the last few hours he has shared the new song Un Briciolo di Allegria by Mina and Blanco on his Instagram profile, accompanying the song with the emoticon of a frog, which is the symbol of the story with the plane.

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