River Plate coachs dart after defeating Sporting Cristal quotattacking messyquot

River Plate coach’s dart after defeating Sporting Cristal: "attacking messy"

River Plate coachs dart after defeating Sporting Cristal quotattacking messyquot

Sporting Cristal face a difficult Copa Libertadores prospect after losing to River Plate as the Celestials finished with zero points after two days of the continental tournament. After that, Tiago Nunes, coach of the Rimenses, mentioned that they now have to target The Strongest, their closest rival with whom the classification will be played. After the Brazilian strategist spoke, it was the millionaires’ coach’s turn. Martin Demicheliswho left a critique of Peruvian painting.

The Argentine technical director analyzed the Rímac team’s game and found that it had deficiencies in tactical performance, so he decided to use a special player to take advantage of the advantages Cristal offered on the pitch.

“I chose Nicolás de la Cruz because Sporting Cristal are a bit chaotic in attack and I gave up a bit of the balance that Rodrigo Aliendro gives you,” Demichelis told ESPN.

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On the other hand, the River Plate coach never doubted that his coaches were better than Sporting Cristal, despite the partial draw in the game and the exclusion they suffered.

“We were superior on paper and had to keep the three points to level the group a bit,” said Martín Demichelis.

Erick Osores exploded against Cristal for the River Plate loss

“The ‘should have’ doesn’t exist, I’m speaking from what was seen and a Cag*** team was seen, a cowardly team. A soulless team went into the second half, a cowardly coach. I saw that today ‘ Erick Osores explained during his YouTube program ‘Erick y Gonzalo’.

Sporting Cristal: next game for the Celestials

Sporting Cristal’s next game is next Monday, April 24 when they meet Universitario de Deportes on day 12 of the inaugural League 1 tournament 2023.